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Applying for your Provisional Licence

The provisional licence can applied for in several different methods. You can also apply for your provisional online by visiting Direct Gov. Alternatively, you can apply by completing the D1 application form. You can get this from your local Post Office branch or from the DVLA ordering form service.

When filling in the form you will need to provide all information correctly as well as documentation confirming your identity and a Passport style colour photo. If you are unsure as to whether you have filled the forms in correctly you can use the Post Office checking service and a clerk will check that you have filled in the forms correctly and send your application to the DVLA for you.

Whichever way you choose to apply for your provisional you will need to pay £50.00. The DVSA will look to provide you with your licence within 10 working days of receipt of your information.

International licence holders

Applying for a provisional as an international licence holder is much the same as a new driver, but there are certain conditions that you need to bear in mind when you apply for your UK Provisional. You must reside within Great Britain and have a permanent address. You must also surrender your foreign licence when applying for your UK provisional. Up receipt of the foreign licence the DVLA will return it to the issuing authority. If you have arrived in the UK and hold a current and valid driving licence from your country of origin you are legally allowed to drive for up to 12 months from your arrival, after which you must have passed as test otherwise you will no longer be classed as a full licence holder and standard provisional conditions apply.

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