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The structure of your learning is key to being successful. Taking your lessons frequently and keeping your skills sharp is vital when learning to drive. We would recommend that all new pupils start with 2 hour lessons to begin with to maximise teaching time as all lessons will include some briefing and traveling time. 2 hour lessons ensure that you will get the most time behind the wheel of the car and experience more than an hour and a half of uninterrupted tuition. You may find that as you progress and your skills develop you require less frequent lessons to keep polished. The more frequent the lessons you take, the quicker you will get to test standard.

For most people it takes around 45 hours instructed tuition and 22 hours of private practice to reach test standard based on the latest DVSA figures, so bare that in mind when you are considering your own lesson structure.

Although we do recommend 2 hour lessons we understand that not everyone is the same and some people my prefer to take one single hour lesson a week just as some people may wish to take 8 hours of tuition a week. At eDriving we can offer a lesson structure designed to suit you and your needs, whether that be a specific amount of lessons a week or if you're just looking for someone to offer lessons around a working or school schedule. Ask us and we will be more than happy to help find you an instructor who can match your needs and allow you to manage your lessons around your other commitments

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