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Tracking Your Driving Progress

There is a set syllabus that the instructor will teach you and with eDriving you will receive a learning plan in your first lesson. This plan should allow you to measure your learning and prepare for what you'll be learning next. The structure will usually start you on the basics such as controls and gears, moving on to general driving and manoeuvres. As you progress you will be able to mark on your progress form what you have accomplished and to what standard, ranging from the skill being introduced to you during the lesson, to being able to do the skill when prompted and finally to be able to do it totally independently.

By continually keeping track of your progress you can see what you have achieved from your lessons and measure how you are progressing. The progress sheet will also help you identify areas of your driving which require improvement and allows you to set specific goals.


Once you've booked a lesson its time to think about how to prepare. You will need to provide the Driving Instructor with both the card and paper parts of your licence so that they can verify that you are legally allowed to drive. If you require corrective glasses ensure that you also have them with you as you will not be allowed to continue the lesson should you fail to meet the eyesight requirements. You should also make sure you have appropriate footwear f or your lessons. Boots, high heels or sandals may make it difficult to find the pedals accurately. Equally, wearing comfortable clothing will also help you relax in the car.

Another important point to be aware of is the consumption of alcohol. Avoid drinking the night before a lesson, especially if you have arranged tuition in the morning. It is vital that you are alert and focused when taking lessons and there is also a risk that you may still be over the legal limit from the night before. Although you are learner driver you must still observe the rules of the road. You will still be held accountable should you break them and could receive points on your licence.

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